Alexander Inchbald

Alexander Inchbald specializes in purpose, creativity and innovation. He paints in extreme locations all over the world to explore what it takes to be creative everywhere. Each experience whether it be Mont Blanc, Mount Fuji, or the Russian Caucasus leads to a feeling of oneness with nature, even when it is snowing, stormy or windy. The environment appears to help: as soon as Alexander stops resisting it and starts integrating the wind or snow into the painting, he appears to step into another world where everything is in flow. With his partners, they use these insights to elevate leaders, their teams and organizations to rediscover their true nature, often in the world’s most inspiring locations. Alexander published his first book #Balance in 2018, which explains how leaders, teams and their organizations can put purpose at the heart of everything they do. He is founder of The (artist) inside, a partner of Ashoka, a Master Trainer at the Entrepreneur’s Institute, and is currently working with the Presencing Institute’s S-Lab, to use art to reconnect communities. He lives in France with his beautiful wife and two wonderful children, Sasha and Daniel.