Ali Kitinas

Ali is a teen CEO and social entrepreneur. She was recently featured as Australia’s youngest CEO by Channel Ten’s The Project and Australia’s number one news site She is the founder of a social enterprise called Freedom Scrub, an innovative and ethical initiative that produces ethical body scrubs without a single trace of slavery in the supply chain. For every scrub sold Freedom Scrub gives back to a plethora of causes: healthcare for disadvantaged people living in slums, rehabilitation support to rescued child soldiers and women rescued from modern day slavery, human trafficking and child marriage within Australian borders.

Ali is a high school student with a background in performing arts. She is also a keynote speaker.

Ali spent an amazing five days on Necker Island where she met B1G1 founder, Masami Sato and the B1G1 community. She also met entrepreneur superstar, Sir Richard Branson; their conversation focused on the potential of youth to change the world as well as the changing landscape of economy through social impact.

Ali is tirelessly working as a powerful voice of today’s youth. Passionate and motivated, she is driven to continue her social impact by leading a movement of socially conscious youth. Her global connections will also be ignited with the passion to make a difference through social business whilst supporting youth in developing, less fortunate regions.