Alison Wheeler

Alison Wheeler is a true powerhouse in life and business. She is a multi-disciplined, award-winning performance athlete and celebrated entrepreneur. Having competed nationally in Olympic weightlifting, as well as rowing, CrossFit, athletics and bodybuilding, she has won multiple awards for her home country of New Zealand. Alison and her family now call the Gold Coast, Queensland home.

Ali is a celebrated businesswoman who has won multiple industry awards. Her success as an athlete and entrepreneur is magnetic, and her presence is real, raw and authentic.

But life hasn’t always been easy for her. She suffered some significant health issues, and just when Ali could have let critical health issues stop her in her tracks, her determination kicked in. Ali’s desire for a healthier body, loving relationships and a life beyond the average led her to a place where she can impact the lives of others. Having focus, combined with the right balance of patience and persistence, and a whole lot of life experience, helps Alison give her clients the best. They often achieve things they once only dreamt about.

Alison’s guidance helps her clients stretch themselves and reach their potential at a pace that sparks motivation and increases satisfaction. Even if they hit an obstacle, Ali helps them leap over it and learn to be and do their best on the other side. Alison is a published author, contributor and mentor. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Health Science, NLP training, and many coaching certificates in a multitude of different practises.

She is passionate about helping women find their voice, reconnect with the goddess within, release the shame and guilt resulting from years of suppression and step into their true selves to find their freedom.

Alison loves empowering others to find their wisdom, truth, and inner Wonder Woman.