Alisoun Mackenzie

Compassionate Business Mentor, Alisoun Mackenzie is often described as one of the most authentic and inspiring souls you can meet. Alisoun is on a mission to empower business owners and entrepreneurs to grow profitable businesses that make a difference in the world. Her talks, training, mentoring, and bestselling books, Give-to-Profit and Heartatude have both favourably changed the good fortune of thousands of people worldwide.

She loves doing humanitarian work, fundraising and living by the beach in Scotland. Alisoun knows that her purpose in life is to make a difference to others and to leave the world a better place than when she arrived— both personally and in business. Alisoun is passionate about travelling, exploring the world and connecting with people from different cultures.

Alisoun believes that everyone is unique. What makes her unusual compared to other business mentors is her unique mix of commercial savvy, fundraising and humanitarian experience. She puts social impact at the heart of her business in a multitude of ways (including supporting causes through B1G1).