Amanda Thompson

From the boardroom of Australia’s biggest banks as a leading financial advisor to qualifying three times for the Ironman World Championships despite health issues, Amanda Thompson has never been afraid of a challenge.

As an award-winning financial advisor and founder of Endurance Financial, Amanda has, for the past two decades, specialised in offering strategic financial guidance for individuals and businesses with complex matters requiring more than textbook advice. Amanda works with a vast array of clients, each seeking personalised service and advice that goes well beyond conventional wisdom.

Recognising that each and every client has different needs, wants, dreams and goals, Amanda thrives on delivering strategic and tailored advice, drawing upon almost two decades in senior advisory roles for leading financial institutions including Westpac, Commonwealth Bank and Choice Capital.

From small to medium business owners and everyday individuals looking for financial stability, to high profile personalities and affluent families motivated to secure and protect their wealth, Amanda is dedicated to going beyond the ordinary advice and helping clients create enduring financial prosperity, designed to last for generations.

As a dynamic keynote speaker, Amanda is able to captivate audiences with her intelligent wit and real-life stories. She is particularly driven to help men and women overcome the gender biases that stand in the way of personal achievement, with lessons learnt after thriving in typically male-dominated environments.

Whether delivering financial advice or inspirational anecdotes, Amanda’s philosophy is to provide unique, accountable and comprehensive information that leads to successful outcomes. Her areas of expertise in business include investment strategy, wealth creation, self-managed superannuation, personal insurance and retirement strategies. Her areas of focus in life include resilience, determination and dedication to something bigger than self.

It has always been Amanda’s mantra that if you get knocked to the ground, you have to get back up again. Through her personal stories and experiences, she hopes to inspire others to find the power of resilience, determination and dedication to something bigger than self. Most of all, Amanda hopes to help others realise that love really does conquer all. Adversity is a given, but it is courage that is our choice.