Andrew Moore

Andrew helps people make brilliant decisions forever. His unique background and combination of skills gives him the perfect blend to help others instigate positive change. Andrew’s childhood in South Australia was idyllic; hanging out with family, playing with friends among the vineyards, playing Aussie rules football and simply being a country kid.

Andrew spent 26 years as an Australian army officer in logistics, culminating in project work on complex acquisitions. He trained and led young soldiers and junior officers and witnessed the power (and consequences) of both good and bad decisions. His time and experience in the army and with young adults was a catalyst for later forming Diamond Six. Diamond Six was also inspired by some of Andrew’s self-confessed ‘dumb mistakes’, such as buying property (good call) in the wrong place at the wrong time (bad call). He is passionate about helping young adults not only transition to independence, but avoid the pitfalls of poor decision-making. Diamond Six is an online platform where people can access insight and wisdom to navigate their life journey. Or, as Andrew neatly puts it, ‘Using other people’s hindsight as your foresight.’

Andrew knows that this innovative approach to better decision making creates massive savings of time, money, and worry, for individuals and for the world. At the heart of Andrew’s passion lies the old adage, ‘I wish I knew then what I know now.’ Learning from those who have travelled the path before you is important: whether it’s buying your first car or property; changing jobs; starting or ending a relationship or business; learning a new skill, dealing with a health issue; writing a book, or starting a diet— navigating new terrain is always best done with an experienced guide.