Andrew Morello

Andrew Morello, often known as ‘Morello’ was the winner of the first season of The Apprentice Australia TV show. He is the Head of Business Development at Mark Bouris’ Yellow Brick Road (YBR) Wealth Management.

Morello’s lifelong exposure to business, wealth creation, real estate and property development coupled with his impeccable sales skills and contagious enthusiasm means he is adept at providing people with exceptional service and outcomes. A passionate and highly sought after motivational speaker Morello’s expertise originated from his ‘grassroots’ upbringing and strong, focused work ethic.

Andrew Morello isn’t only a successful entrepreneur, the man behind many corporations and a multi-million dollar business ventures, he is also a big-hearted humanitarian with a deep wisdom on life and the true meaning of it. Andrew is also highly involved in the ‘Dare to Dream’ workshops, an inspiring movement created by Project Gen Z. ( The initiative involves over 50 leading entrepreneurs who expose and encourage disadvantaged Cambodian youth (13 years-17 years) to big-picture thinking, practical business skills and personal development. A powerful and meaningful initiative that truly changes lives.

Andrew enjoys sharing his well-earned wisdom and inspire others to live their full potential; to ‘Live the Dream’ – just like he has. He not only believes in the power of relationships and the opportunities they can create, but lives it in every facet of his life – business, family and personal.