Angela Docherty

Angela is the Director and owner of Wilton Associates, a passionate and experienced financial consultancy business specialising in the pensions industry. She is also the CEO of charity organisation, New Ways. Currently living in London after a four-year stint in New York, Angela values the importance of home. Angela grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, one of nine children. Her mother’s wonderful example and generous spirit was the cornerstone to Angela growing up happy, fulfilled and full of faith. Helping others was instilled in Angela through her mother and this continues to inspire Angela to live the same example. She is a huge admirer of those who have devoted their lives to others. Throughout her professional life, Angela has been conscious of doing a good job and being able help others to retire with a good quality of life. Through her charitable work, Angela emphasises that helping others has made a tangible difference in her life, getting back as much as she gives. Giving and family represent Angela’s heartfelt passions.

Angela balances her commitment to New Ways and other projects with the demands of running her consultancy company. She says, ‘It
is always a challenge to manage the two but when you know that you’re truly making a difference to the lives of others, there is no better reward.’