Angie Clucas

Angie Clucas is a speaker, author, manager, anti-bullying advocate and extremely proud mother. Despite being born with a Russell-Silver syndrome, a medical condition that affects normal growth, Angie never let her condition stop her from living her best life. Challenged by relentless bullying throughout her life, Angie discovered inner resources and deeper ways to overcome the torment. She found ways to rise above the bullies and become her best self. She has written a chapter about her personal experiences in her first publication, Resilience: Building a Powerful Mindset. Standing Tall From the Inside expands on her knowledge and gives the reader deep insights and wisdom about how to build self-esteem, self-confidence and not let the bullies win. She reveals personal memories and helps the reader find a new perspective on life. Angie has spoken on stage at Melbourne’s Ignite conference, sharing her story and empowering others to stand up for what is right — asking them to be kind instead of callous.

Angie inspires young people all over Australia and the world to Stand Tall from the Inside! She is down-to-earth, compassionate and friendly, and also deeply determined to make a change in the lives of others. Her dream is that one day…no child, no teenager, no person will be bullied. And the only way to stop that is through education and kindness.

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