Anna Von Zinner

Anna Von Zinner is a positively determined human being.

She is an author, thought leader, international speaker, and lives life completely unafraid. Having a stroke at 50, she found new purpose and direction in life.

Anna decided she would no longer follow the crowd and brought forward her true gifts and ability to see the world in a way that wasn’t always obvious to others. She has discovered that airing her opinions and thoughts has enabled friends, colleagues and even strangers to change the way they view their worlds.

It is off the back of this that Anna launched her own freelance writing, editing and coaching business just this year.

Until early 2021, Anna worked as a corporate support person to senior administrators and on multi-million dollar projects for the Victorian State Government. Before that, she spent time working in Universities and in corporate roles. Anna has a degree in communication and has seen what life is like working in many industries.

Anna has a story about everything and uses this great power to connect others through the written word. As Anna puts it, writing is her legacy.

Anna has co-authored two Amazon bestsellers and regularly speaks on various fear related topics, including ‘The Subtle Art of the Stupid Question’.

Having a stroke does not have to be a death sentence, but the choices you make afterwards can be.

She chooses to be unafraid.

You can contact Anna at and