Dr Barbara Flügge

Dr. Barbara Flügge is a bestselling author with a reader community of more than 160,000 readers, keynote speaker, forward thinker, business coach, servitization expert, inventor of corporate services tools & methods and artist. Since graduating with a degree in Business Information Systems in Germany and a PhD in Management & Economics from Tilburg University, The Netherlands, Dr. Barbara Flügge has made a career from deciphering the most complex issues faced by companies across every industry and geography. Her instincts, knowledge, and experience – in tandem with incisive network analysis and novel tools and methods- combine to support companies in positioning and role modeling digital and analog solutions.

A digitization expert with a worldwide reputation for networked ecosystem-

wide transformation and implementation, Barbara applies her 20 years of c-suite experience as she dives into a company and its business ecosystems, before supporting management and staff foster resilience build and agility. Working with Barbara is unbelievable easy. In the fields of technology and digitization having been woman of the first hour in many senses, Barbara is a resilient positivist with a seismographic feeling. Her systems analytical mindset will be telling her what goes right and what goes wrong. She is a strategy advisor and coach that focuses solely on deployment and empowerment. “The Brain” as some call her pulls in the creative mindset and her art2business tools to break up thinking structures and bring back business confidence.

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