Chris Helder

Chris Helder is a professional speaker and author from Australia. He is known for his expertise in the areas of communication, leadership, and influence, and working with many high-profile clients around the world.

Chris is the author of several books, including Useful Belief: Because It’s Better Than Positive Thinking and The Ultimate Book of Influence: 10 Tools of Persuasion to Connect, Communicate, and Win in Business, which have been translated into multiple languages and have been widely acclaimed for their practical, actionable advice.

As a speaker, Chris has presented at over 2,500 conferences and events around the world, sharing his insights and strategies on how to communicate effectively, inspire and motivate teams, and achieve success in business and life. He is also a regular media commentator and has been featured in various publications and television shows.

Chris is known for his energetic, engaging presentation style and his ability to connect with his audience, using RE-IGNITION real-life examples and humour to drive his message home.

His goal is to inspire individuals and organisations to think differently and achieve their full potential through effective communication and leadership. Chris lives in Noosa Heads, Queensland.