Chris Robb

Chris is an acclaimed international speaker, author and founder and CEO of Mass Participation Asia — an industry platform to foster collaboration and best sport practise. This allows Chris to live his passion every day; he impacts the lives of millions of people through creating and delivering some of the biggest mass participation sports events across three continents. He is the author of Mass Participation Sport Events and is currently working on his second book The Gift of Disaster.

Growing up in a humble, poor environment on a farm in Zimbabwe, to now having reached and made a difference to countless people, as well as being involved in the Sydney Olympics as a Road Events Supervisor and recently meeting Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island— Chris says, ‘life has never been better.’ Last year, he sold his business to IRONMAN and is now based in Bali with wife, Tet, and son, Sam.

Chris is on a mission to change more lives. His 30-year involvement in the mass participation sports industry has provided a unique platform to further help and inspire others to make a powerful impact in our world and their own personal and business lives.