Christine Gawith

Christine is a woman who has acquired many skills over her life. She has worked as a primary school teacher, a policewoman, a beauty therapist, a mental health social worker and a personal colour and style consultant. It is clear from her choice of careers that she has a real passion for helping people, and that’s exactly what she does.

Christine helps others look and feel their best—mentally, emotionally and physically. It doesn’t require an abundance of money, endless hours of psychiatry or a cosmetic surgeon—Christine helps people inside and out! Her background in social work and counselling coupled with her work as a colour and style consultant is the ideal blend for personal empowerment. An experienced counsellor and fashion consultant all rolled into one! An internal make-over with an external make-over can truly change your life.

Christine’s education has been put to great use; armed with a Diploma of Teaching, Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Bachelor of Social and Community Welfare, Bachelor of Health Science, Masters of Social Work, Certificate IV in Work place Training and Assessment and qualification in Style, Image and Colour consultancy. Christine helps transform your inner world, your psychology and belief-systems whilst simultaneously learning about your colours and personal sense of style. Her motive is always to help others develop a positive and healthy change that lasts. Her years of experience of working with so many people have cemented what Christine knows to be—true everyone wants and deserves to live their fullest life. However, most are unsure how to get ‘unstuck’. Christine specialises in moving people out of their rut and into their remedy. Depression, fear, stress, being stuck-in- a-rut can have a holistic remedy. It doesn’t always require long, tedious hours of psycho-analysis, sometimes it just requires a new change, a new attitude, a new belief system about who you are and what you can achieve.

Christine’s philosophy is ‘Life’s too short, why not be the best you can be now?’ Christine isn’t just talking the talk, she’s walking it too. Having had her fair share of life challenges, Christine stands alongside her clients in full understanding and compassion. Christine stands a dignified figure, authentic in her cause of leading the way to personal empowerment. Christine says that no matter one’s age, body shape, internal issues or past history, every single person can learn to be their best and live their fullest life.