Dania Alonto Younes

is a high school student and ambitious author. Being the youngest of four and growing up in a big, mixed family of Lebanese and Filipino descent, Dania learnt many different skills and hobbies from her family. She adores her siblings and parents and is thankful for their love and continuous support in her writing ambitions. Reading and writing wasn’t her favourite thing growing up, and when she was younger she struggled to read complex words — that made her shy away from reading in front of anyone.

The positive influence of her grade 5 school friends encouraged Dania to open a novel for the first time and delve into the reading elements of her author journey. In 2020, with the Covid-19 lockdown, reading in her room became her refuge as stepping out of the house was no longer a haven. Developing a passion for reading from thereon allowed her to expand her extensive bookshelf collection of fiction books.

Her reading interests are fiction novels and other educational material. She started writing her debut fiction novel at the age of 11 when she was in grade 5 and completed her writing on her 12th birthday.  As a present, Dania’s parents promised to publish it. Due to the high demand of publishing during Covid-19 lockdown, Dean Publishing was able to work on her novel during 2022, by then Dania was already 13. She is now attending high school, where she is an achiever in most of her subjects.

Dania aspires to be a great published author and writer, and her journey has just begun.