David Keith & Peter Fowler

Peter Fowler and David Keith help transform local, national and International businesses with their astute commercial advice, innovation and growth initiatives that help them to thrive.

The multi-award winning duo help fast-track business success and personally mentor altruistic business owners and board members.

They spearhead numerous activities that support local and global causes. They feature in ‘The Worlds Most Inspiring Accountants’ and Peter co-authored the Amazon bestseller Better business, Better life, Better world.

They are recognised as two of Australia’s business leaders having been awarded multiple national and international business excellence awards.

They both strive to be students of purposeful leadership, “The world is a classroom. Be a student of everything you want to accomplish and commit to taking care of those you love working with, be it your team, your clients or your community.” They drive the change that keeps business owners on track. Helping them embrace change, build better businesses, support their community and live a legacy. They are the Purposeful Business Advisers