Dr Monica Devanand

Monica is a woman of many talents, she is a practising medical doctor, a mother and also runs her own boutique gifting business called ‘Be, Gifting and Living’(www.begiftingandliving.com).

Monica was born and raised in Malaysia and from the age of 18 she began her new life in Australia. Migrating to a foreign country with no friends and family meant Monica had to build her new life from zero, which was no easy feat. Studious and hard-working, Monica graduated as a medical doctor from Monash University and became especially interested in women’s health and wellbeing. After a series of personal setbacks and health issues Monica began to soul-search and discovered a deep and lasting relationship with God. Her fresh perspective on life helped her establish a new business specialising in unique gifts designed to celebrate and acknowledge life’s precious moments; thus ‘Be, Gifting and Living’ was born.

Monica has become a passionate public speaker and advocate for women’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Her life experiences and professional knowledge are now purposely used to create a difference in the lives of others; whether it’s a unique gift from her business, or a speaking event about health, pregnancy and miscarriage, domestic violence, diabetes or medicine, Monica is an expert in many fields. Not only has Monica come face-to- face with many of these life issues herself, but she has conquered them! Monica now shares her personal and professional knowledge to support others in their journey, whilst using her business to make a positive difference to others. Monica believes in giving—both to ourselves and others, as well as celebrating and appreciating every tender and meaningful moment.