Dr Sathe

Dr Madhav Sathe M.D. is anaesthesiologist working in Bombay hospital, Breach candy hospital and Sportsmed hospital. He has presented award-winning research papers in various conferences. He has been working as Jt. Hon. Secretary of a charity & The Bombay Mothers and Children Welfare Society’ from1985. Dr Sathe uses his entrepreneurial skills to transform dying organizations into sustainable social enterprises which means they can adapt their business principles without losing their focus on charity. The BMCWS S run three ultra-modern, low-cost hospitals in urban and rural areas and provide shelter to 100 cancer patients to help them complete their treatment with a smile. Parents are very happy and pleased with the professional care the three modern crèches provide. Dr Sathe initiated low-cost, comprehensive and innovative rural development program in 91 villages. He is a visiting faculty at School of social entrepreneurship, TATA institute of social sciences Mumbai.