Fred Liberatore

With over four decades in the fitness industry, Fred Liberatore’sknowledge and experience has created one passionate andhighly sought-after Master Coach and Body Transformation Expert!From the moment he stepped into a gym as a young teenager, Fred washooked on learning about health, nutrition and fitness. Fred’s uniquecommitment to testing andmeasuring the countless techniques and fadsthat have come and gone over his fitnesscareer, has empowered trulyincredible results for himself and hundreds ofhis clients.

Fred knows what works and whatdoesn’t, so he can tailor training programs toeveryone’s unique body type, needs andpersonal goals. Fred has the edge over 99%of personal trainers, coaches and health expertsbecause he understands the physical aspectof training and nutrition in the finest detail.Importantly Fred also combines this with themental edge he has discovered after years of studying the world’s top peakperformance experts.

Fred’s philosophy has always been to train hard, no excuses. His ownpeak fitness is a reflection of that winning numerous bodybuilding titles,which culminated in the coveted title of Mr Australia in the NABBAMasters in 2000. Fred went on to also win the NABBA Grand Master titlein 2016.Fred loves empowering people to achieve physical success no matterwhat their goal is. Supported by his devoted family and fitness team, Fredowns and operates RealFit gym in Melbourne, which takes coaching,training and nutrition to the next level. Fred’s goal at RealFit is to createa holistic approach to health, nutrition and anti-ageing that inspiresfulfilment in all aspects of life for his clients.