Gabriella de Leeuw

Gabriella de Leeuw uses both heart and mind in her work as a trainer and coach, with the objective to balance feminine and masculine energies in people and organizations in order to work to their full potential. A licensed psychotherapist and multilingual coach/trainer in several schools in France, the Netherlands, and USA, Gabriella continues to learn and hone her skills daily.

Trained in Mars/Venus coaching, (AO) business and executive coaching, intuitive coaching, and musical therapy, she has applied her vision in different environments. Widowed in 2003, she made the difficult experience accumulated paternal and maternal roles with her two children who are still in a period of growth. That’s when she met John Gray. She joined the team of Mars Venus trainers in the coaching training program, focused on his famous book: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. She has taken up the challenge, while also working full time in international and local organizations. Her style of training and coaching reflects her personality where sensitivity, intelligence, nurturing, humor, and warmth as well as a resolutely positive outlook form a powerful and effective mix.

With over twenty years experience in corporate and private coaching and training, Gabriella has the passion, knowledge, and experience to help others achieve success as well as the ability to assist others in reaching and realizing their full potential.

Her expertise is in the fields of gender intelligence, improved leadership, and communication. She has created several businesses inspired by the new model of working with the values of collaboration, participation, and open-mind set and attitude.