Harvee Pene

Harvee became a business owner when he was 12, mowing neighbourhood lawns. Five years later, at age 17, Harvee had saved enough to buy his first investment property.  He started his second business at 18 as a scaffolder, and five years later built it into a large construction training and labour hire company. Wanting to ‘get off the tools’, Harvee started his next journey as a part-time intern in an maccounting firm while studying accounting at Queensland University of Technology. Over the next five years, he helped build a change management consulting firm which helped over 600 accounting firms around Australia make positive impacts in their clients’ lives; this company was later floated on the Australian Securities Exchange. That’s where Harvee met Ben Walker — the founder of Inspire CA, and together they joined forces and now lead the award-winning team of life-changing accountants at Inspire.

Harvee is a TEDx speaker and has spoken on stage alongside his business idol, Michael E Gerber. He is also the founder of Accountants For Good — a global movement that disrupts a very ‘old school’ accounting industry. Co-author of Cashed Up: the 7 step method to pull more money, time and happiness from your business, and Ambassador for Thankyou Water and B1G1, Harvee’s passion for spreading the good knows no bounds. Despite Harvee’s success, it hasn’t all been
smooth sailing for him. Blindsided by testicular cancer, Harvee took this life-altering situation and with his typical true grit and courage, miraculously reduced the tumour markers by 80% in four weeks. As a numbers person, Harvee believes that family is number one. His mission is to create a business that gives him the freedom to always put family first and to help others do the same. In doing this, his mission to make a difference in the world will be accomplished.