Helen Campbell

Helen has worn many hats: world explorer, Director of nursing, counsellor, health coach, practice manager, CEO and mum to three awesome individuals.

Helen is the owner of Knox Audiology — ‘Ears that Give’. Knox Audiology is a boutique medical hearing centre spanning four locations around Melbourne. It’s locally owned and operated with university trained audiologists and ENT specialists. They are deeply passionate about hearing brilliantly.

As Helen puts it, ‘Knox Audiology keeps people connected to the world through hearing. Hearing is an important part of life that is often taken for granted; skilled clinicians can give people a lifechanging gift, so they continue to engage fully and embrace every day with zest and vitality.’

Helen is passionate about the ‘Power of Small’ and has presented this topic to businesses, empowering them to initiate small regular givings, so that together they make an incredible impact around our globe.

Helen’s purpose in life is all about creating positive ripple effects, through family, friends, community and work to make the world a better place. She likes to share her purpose with others and enjoys connecting people to wonderful opportunities and champions them toward their goals.