Jeannie & Paul McGillivray

Jeannie and Paul McGillivray co-founded Remote, a custom, software development company in 1999. Remote focuses on helping purpose-driven organisations make a greater positive impact in the world through increasing engagement, driving innovation, increasing productivity and sustainable profitability for their clients’ businesses.

Jeannie and Paul are also co-founders of Code Assembly, most notable for the Incoder platform. Both their organisations excel at automating systems that free people to work within their individual talents to do the work they were born to do.

Jeannie and Paul also lead Purpose First business retreats and collaborate with other organisations to share accelerator programs, principally for people who want to leverage a deep understanding of themselves and their unique skills and abilities to transform the way we live and work.

Jeannie is host of the ‘Change Maker Mindset’ podcast, where she interviews inspirational change makers to find out what drives them to work for a greater good, what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. She is also a speaker and currently halfway through her four-year formal training in clinical herbal medicine. Her book Change Maker Mindset is set for publication in summer of 2019.

Paul’s podcast ‘Purpose First’ explores how we can organise our business and teams to align with a common goal, and how to utilise exponential technologies to achieve positive global impact. His superpower is his ability to envisage and model systems in a holistic way that liberates innovation and human potential, with purpose at its core. Paul’s also a TEDx speaker, writer and music producer. His book Purpose First will be published in the Summer of 2019.

Together, they are very proud parents to their 21-year-old daughter, Ella Joy, a music producer and entrepreneur in her own right.