Jen Browne

Jen’s experience in holistic well-being stems from her strong knowledge of and practical application in both fitness and beauty. She holds qualifications in both areas, with a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and a Certificate IV in Fitness. Having competed in and placed at national levels in fitness and sports modelling, Jen has also successfully trained and coached clients who have also succeeded in placing at national levels.
Jen understands the high-performance level of sports competition and is an advocate for setting positive standards for women in fitness and health. Jen is a passionate educator on topics that promote balance, mental clarity and good health, and proactively discusses the huge epidemic associated with body image issues, disordered eating, exercise patterns and hormonal disturbances. Jen runs her own business, Splash of Life (, where she dedicates her energy to empowering others and giving them the tools and strategies to create lifelong changes for themselves. As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Jen knows firsthand the powerful effect that the right advice, motivational attitude and quality leadership can have on someone. Her commitment to excellence is a testament to those qualities.

Gail Browne and Jen – Generate Life
Mother and daughter team, Gail and Jen (Gail’s daughter) each operate their own businesses and also work together in running extraordinary “Generate Life” workshops; their combined teachings help many people gain optimal health and wellbeing, as well as gain true personal empowerment. Gail and Jen really are ‘the dream team’ in holistic health and personal transformation.

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