Jennifer Harrington

Jennifer’s interest in natural therapies started when she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in her early twenties and was told she may struggle to have children. Initially she tried the oral contraceptive pill as prescribed by her doctor, but this didn’t last long. The pain, mood swings and other side effects were unbearable; the stabbing sensation in her ovaries alone could drop her to the ground. Jennifer then tried naturopathy. Over time, her pain stopped, her cycles regulated and her fertility returned; a healing so significant she never looked back. Leaving her career in television, Jennifer retrained as a naturopath so she could help other women like herself. Upon graduating, she moved to Thailand and started working at the famous Chiva Som International Health Resort. This afforded Jennifer an amazing experience and opportunity to rub shoulders with the best minds in industry, both from a traditional and modern medicine perspective. Jennifer’s love of retreats started here. She was inspired by the rapid transformation people could make outside of the distractions of their home environment; observing people leave the resort different to when they arrived. Recognising that healing and benefits could be fast-tracked, where months of work could be reduced to days, made a huge impression on Jennifer. Jennifer returned to Sydney in 2005 to become a mum. She is eternally grateful she found naturopathy and was able to have a child after all.

After working in various Sydney based clinics and corporate health businesses, Jennifer decided it was time to open her own clinic in 2010. After advertising as a hormone specialist, she found she had more menopausal clients than fertility clients. The fast transformations that her menopausal clients were making made her rethink her work and she started Menopause Natural Solutions in 2014. As the years passed, she sold her brick-and-mortar clinic to free up time to dedicate herself to researching and creating a better way to help more perimenopausal and menopausal women. This book is an accumulation of five years of research, that has been tried and tested.