Jesse Freeman

The creator of @foodcoma_eats on Instagram has been headfirst in the hospitality industry since a young age: from starting his journey as a barista and bartender in his formative years, to his commitment to a Sydney-based food blog, to finally the documenting of his home cooking journey. Jesse used his many years working for and with hospitality businesses to cultivate his cooking knowledge, better understand the basics, and experiment from there.

Beginning his blogging career as a YouTube-based competitive eater, Jesse walked away with a cult following for his crazy antics and big eating feats. Reaching his peak as a two-time Guinness world record holder for eating, after traveling across Australia competing, Jesse then focused his efforts on the growth of his Instagram and his work within the hospitality industry. He traveled across NSW, visiting businesses, helping them grow their social profile and learning about everything hospitality, including suppliers, operations, staffing, and cooking techniques. After many years sharing his obsession of hospitality with the world, he started his home cooking journey on Instagram. From here, he built a strong following of people interested in the intricacies of cooking burgers and then progressed to other savory cuisines.

After a couple of largely successful pop-ups, he has shown the world that he’s got the passion and know-how to serve people his food.