Jessica Borg

From Breakdown to Breakthrough – Prosperity is good health

Jessica Borg, 18, is a former emerging athlete. She was in the middle of her soccer career and about to try out for the Australian women’s team, the Matildas. This was her ultimate dream. Her vision in life was to represent Australia and become the best woman striker the world has ever seen. She was well on her way until a sudden injury left her in the hospital and ultimately unable to play the sport she loved.

Jessica’s dream was shattered and she became depressed, at times unable to get out of bed in the morning. She simply didn’t know what to do. To save herself from a spiral of depression and withdrawal, Jessica needed to find a new dream, a new goal, a new mindset –and this is exactly what she did. At age 16, Jessica enrolled in TAFE and received all her accreditations to become a qualified personal trainer. Her diploma lead to a job offer and she threw herself into helping the world become happier and healthier.

Jessica came into contact with fitness specialist Kameyl Singh who showed her there was more to training than smashing the client to the point of throwing up after each session. Jessica is now taking the world by storm, working side by side with Kameyl and teaching clients about good health, nutrition and providing them with a great training experience. There is so much more yet to come of this young, driven, passionate woman. Stay tuned.