Josephine Zappia

Josephine Zappia, Adv.D.Hom.Med.
Sydney, Australia | Offering in-person and virtual services

Josephine is a practitioner of homeopathic medicine. With homeopathy’s power to address the whole person, Josephine attracts patients who have not had success with conventional medicine, and who are spiritually aligned.

As a homeopath, Josephine connects with her patient’s medical history and family medical history to determine the root cause and treatment of any dis-ease, addressing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects (as appropriate in each case). She also incorporates her wellness products that embrace herbal medicine and alchemical healing – these products include candles, oils and teas.

Josephine is passionate about healthcare and since experiencing her own healing journey, she discovered the importance of (and is keenly involved in) all other aspects of holistic health. This includes energy medicine – kinesiology, kundalini, vedic meditation, bodywork; a therapeutic practice relaxing the nervous system, shamanism, and sacred rebel spiritual healing.

Josephine is also trained in holistic counselling, but is not currently offering these services. She remains available for all other offerings.

INSTAGRAM: @healbyjosephine