Joshua Chimakula Ngoma

Joshua is a mining engineer by profession and a serial business builder. He spent almost half of his mining career building and running mining and mining related businesses. After almost three decades of a successful mining career, he retired in 2012.

Joshua is now a trainer, business coach and mentor. He uses his business experience to help others achieve similar business successes. He is the Founder and Chief Enabler of Enterprising Africa Regional Network (Pty) Limited (“EARN”). EARN was formed with the overriding goal of creating an enabling environment for African Entrepreneurs to grow profitable and sustainable businesses that would compete regionally, nationally and internationally.

Africa has a young growing population and abundant resources. EARN aims to work with these African young people to identify opportunities that can be developed into successful businesses, so that these youths can EARN for themselves instead of waiting for handouts. EARN’s focus areas are in Agriculture, Renewables, Technology, and Special Automotive Solutions.