Joylene D’Couto

Joylene D’Couto is a proud mother of four who put herself through university to qualify as a business accountant. She has been in business for twenty-four years, the first number of years as the founder of an electronic business called Joytronics, and the last fifteen years as the director and founder of Tax Angels, a company Joylene built herself and has run successfully ever since. Tax Angels helps with general accounting practices, bookkeeping and management funds.The main differentiation with Joylene’s business lies within her broader mission to help her clients holistically, to prosper and grow. Having extended her education to further that cause, Joylene now offers coaching as part of her services.

She passionately combines her abundant skills and knowledge to help others. Joylene also appeared in one of Pat Mesiti’s previous publications, ‘Strong women in tough times: success stories from everyday women’. Not everyone can navigate psychological terrain, understand personal issues and simultaneously help build financial plans for others. Joylene is a rarity in that she can. Her unique myriad of professional and personal skills, and experiences enables Joylene to give something many can’t buy—she can teach you how to do what she has done—to single-handedly build a new life from scratch and to thrive and prosper no matter what your circumstances.

A business owner, a mother and, a survivor of domestic violence, Joylene uses her abundant skills as both a coach and accountant to help others truly prosper—financially, mentally and emotionally. She has independently built businesses, as well as her own, to progress and achieve financial success. Joylene lives in Victoria. Her four children are 26, 19, 12 and 10 years of age.