Judy Leach

Judy Leach is more than a survivor; she has overcome innumerable odds to follow her passion and live her dream. Having faced and overcome many obstacles throughout her life, Judy discovered that her deep unwavering spiritual faith only strengthened with each challenge. Armed with sheer determination and her devout faith Judy began to form new financial and psychological habits which became the catalyst for many positive changes in her and her children’s lives.

Her depth of professional and personal experience has become the ‘true wealth’, as it now serves many people who want to get out of debt and move into the joy of prosperity. Judy helps others overcome the dilemmas of financial stress and move forward and into the realm of a new enriching life.

One of Judy’s favourite quotes really sums up the core of her principles; as said by C.S.Lewis – “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny”. When not helping others, Judy has two passions which she loves to absorb herself in painting landscapes and seascapes, and cooking. True to form both of her passions have spontaneously developed into small businesses of their own. Her artwork is sold at exhibitions and on her art website and her desserts are currently sold online and privately.