Karen Longwith

Originally from Wellington, New Zealand, Karen moved to England in 1998.

Alongside a career within investment finance, Karen has always maintained links with healthcare. For instance, as a Consultant for the British Association of Skin Camouflage (BASC) for over 7 years.

Karen’s learned about the lack of truly effective treatments for a variety of foot conditions when her Mother suffered a double-amputation process, losing her left leg at the knee. Searching for a treatment which offered 90% success for this condition, her first business, Eliminaser, was born – with patented laser treatment as its backbone. This one offering has grown to full-scalle podiatry clinic: 21 st Century Podiatry. Providing the latest in non-surgical, painfree, effective nail, toe and foot treatments. Giving to the community – local and global – is a fundamental operating principle of the clinic.