Linda Tsiokas

Linda is the founder of Beautiful Body Clinics. A nurse by education and carer by nature, her prime focus is to help others. She grew up in Tasmania beside the Tamar River and lived a blessed childhood. Her deep sense of gratitude was created there because what they didn’t have in money, they gained in fun, beauty and amazing opportunities to find joy.

Linda established Beautiful Body Clinics to help people and through her business she has been able to make significant impacts. Beautiful Body Clinics put their clients’ first world problems to good use! As Linda puts it, ‘We flatten a belly and fatten a belly’. How cool is that!

Linda has two beautiful boys, Xavier and Rafael, who she says ‘drive me nuts but bring so much laughter and fun. We have a really happy, joyous, noisy household.’

She was a board member of Save the Children (2005 — 2007) and is a passionate advocate for living a naturally healthy and holistic life.