Lisa Rubinstein

Lisa is Chief Executive of the Institute for Human Potential, delivering education and structures to enable managers and leaders to build workplaces with integrity where everyone can thrive and achieve. It’s the first organisation in the world to combine the knowledge of neuroscience and the wisdom of martial arts eastern philosophy. We also are the first to champion ‘Ready to Learn’ in business — the holy grail of performance. Ready to Learn addresses the very source of organisational dysfunction, under-performance, toxicity and unethical behaviours — the key drivers of pain and stress in the workplace today.

Lisa is also board co-chair of the Women’s Indigenous Network where they work to provide leadership pathways for indigenous women in key influential roles. This ensures that decisions made for indigenous Australians lead to positive, sustainable change. Lisa’s passion and purpose is to enable people and enterprises to fulfil their dreams and work in cultures where everyone can thrive and achieve