Marco D’Angelo

Marco D’Angelo is an author, educator and mentor, myotherapist and healer. A specialist in his field, Marco offers fresh perspectives, creating new possibilities in dealing with stress and ill-health. With a focus on inspiring his clients to find their true potential, Marco nurtures self-enablement towards informed and proactive health and wellbeing. He wants to leave his clients better equipped to deal with their mind and body issues, more able to minimise the occurrence of injuries, and to help them reduce the consequences of stress. Marco’s desire to help people improve their lives extends to education and empowering others to share the knowledge he imparts. He has both lectured and written TAFE course modules for remedial massage, Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice and the Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy.

Marco has been a leading educator in this field for over seven years. Having spent years exploring a plethora of industries from security to sales, pizza-making to screen printing, Marco finally embarked on physical therapy and teaching remedial massage and myotherapy.
The work experience he had previously gained was invaluable, but Marco had a dream of becoming an amateur kickboxer, and at the age of twenty-four, had found himself at a crossroads; his dream abruptly derailed by injury, he made the decision to go back to school to learn massage. His studies continued in the area of relaxation massage and while working with a fighter with a shoulder injury, Marco had an epiphany: The insight and advice he was able to offer helped the fighter’s career and he realised then, that he wanted to dedicate his life to health and wellbeing.

Pursuing his studies, he attained an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy. Marco now uses his training in myotherapy, massage, fitness, the DeMartini Method and Bowen Therapy to work with people from all walks of life. His clientele include AFL footballers, body builders, former olympians and national gymnasts, boxing and kickboxing champions, distance runners, cyclists, martial artists, soccer players, arm wrestlers, tennis players and workout enthusiasts.
“I believe it’s important to act with honour and integrity and with a genuine desire to improve the lives of others, and myself. I constantly strive to reach further and higher to exceed my previous accomplishments, and to generously share my knowledge with heartfelt loyalty and love.

To play a part in someone’s life, to help them realise new potentials, to build self-esteem and to see them accomplish what they previously perceived as impossible, is a priceless gift. I am inspired and love my work more now than ever before. This love continues to grow with each day that I am privileged to work with people.” Marco’s work includes a booklet on static stretching, and the creation of a palpation technique to deal with stress. His current work includes several books on self-development, some of which are based on clinical experience as well as personal trials and experiences, and others on various industry-related topics.

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