Mark Collins

From doting dad to determined humanitarian, Mark Collins has leveraged his challenges into philanthropic success. Founder of YOUschool, a learning organisation with the purpose of helping young people choose their best path in life, it is Mark’s lived experiences that help him give children the best opportunities to enjoy happy, loving, and joyful lives through to adulthood.

It is from his son, Max, that Mark draws inspiration. After being diagnosed with epilepsy at age five, Max has spent the last seven years in and out of hospitals – his dad by his side every step of the way. Mark has spent this time learning everything he can about his son’s condition, raising money, and promoting awareness for epilepsy.

It was his son’s illness that spurred Mark to focus on his own health and wellbeing, recognising the direct effect and influence that the energy of others had on his son’s symptoms. Having endured his own health struggles after being diagnosed with testicular cancer at just 27 years old, Mark had already experienced the benefits of mindful living when it came to his health. However, it wasn’t until Mark saw the connection between his own and his son’s wellbeing, that he focussed more heavily on self-care practises.

Mark began regularly practising meditation, yoga and eating natural foods with Max as a way of assisting him in his treatment. Mark sees the benefits of alternative medicine and is a champion for holistic healing. With his partner Sansan, Mark continues to learn about using the mind and body to overcome all sorts of challenges. Together, they help relieve the problems of others.

You can connect with Mark at and on 04 1903 6137