Matt Runnalls

Matt Runnalls works tirelessly as a mental health advocate to create awareness, acceptance, education and connection within communities to overcome the stigma and effects of suicide on a global scale. Utilizing his own lived-experience of mental illness, surviving suicide attempts, and losing too many friends to suicide, Matt is continuously creating more platforms of communication to encourage everyone to feel comfortable to talk about and manage their well-being just as he continues to do.

Through his rediscovery of hope visible in the kindness of others, Matt found his passion and purpose when he wholeheartedly pursued the creation of Mindfull Aus at the age of 24. Since devoting himself to advocacy full-time, Matt has delivered over 600 speeches and keynotes, workshops, and events across Australia, Canada, and America. Matt has facilitated right across the world for some of the world’s largest Mind and Behavioral organizations, conferences and bodies.

Matt has also been a student of programs and workshops from leading experts in the field of mind and behavioral health including: Wim Hof, Tony Robbins, Dr Jordan Peterson, Dr Brené Brown, Tom Bilyeau, Deepak Chopra,  Heather Yelland and Kevin Hines. Matt is trained in NLP, a certified Breathwork & Meditation Practitioner, Sciences of Wellbeing, Intro to Psychology & Counselling, EQ and Quantum Learning as Alumni at California State University.

Matt now spends his life in dedication to the loss of his mates to suicide, combined with the thought that saved his life in 2012—that of having kids one day. This understanding and passion led Matt to become a trained facilitator at the world’s #1 camp for young kids ( where he works with young champions to improve self-esteem, equip them with accelerated development techniques and a greater understanding of emotional intelligence and relationships.

Matt’s story and message have been featured in books, documentaries, songs, podcasts and films throughout many major media outlets. His dedication to change has been recognized in: The Huffington Post, Global Award-winning Documentary of the Year, Suicide: the Ripple EffectGuts, Grit & The Grind: A men’s health manual, and also in numerous Parliamentary sittings. Matt has also been the recipient of an Australia Day Medallion in January 2018, a finalist in the 2019 Victorian Leadership & Innovation Award, 2020 ABC Heywire Trailblazer, 2020 AMHF Best Men’s Speaker Finalist, 2020 AMHF Men’s Health Award Top 3 placement, 2021 Australian of the Year Nominee and 2021 Westfield Community Hero.

Matt’s opportunity to ensure that the next generation doesn’t walk the unknown like he did, drives him every day as he continues to make a positive impact on as many people as humanly possible.