Misti Bliss

Misti Bliss is a conscious social entrepreneur and creator of the Instant Alignment Method and developer of the ‘IAM Experience’ programmes.

Intuitive and compassionate, Misti runs her business in a holistic manner staying true to herself and adhering to a win-win philosophy in all endeavours. She ensures all parties involved are happy and positive with every outcome. She is passionate for others to find their ‘happy place’ and keep a hold of it throughout their lives. The Latin expression, ‘Non nobis solum nati’ — (not for ourselves alone are we born) is symbolic of the way Misti conducts her life and attitude.

As Misti puts it: ‘I always see the good in others and the best in every situation. I believe that our lives are the sum of the choices we make, and that every so-called failure is actually a lesson that needed to be learnt in order for us to get the very best out of life. Therefore, there are no failures.’ Misti has spent years travelling, gaining wisdom and learning many holistic modalities. She has pulled the best of everything she has ever learned and experienced into a unique tool which creates instant inner alignment, she shares this method for free with others. ’