Monique Sarup

No matter the situation or what life has thrown at you, everyone deserves to love themselves and live with true purpose and passion.

As a Mindset Coach for youth and young adults, Monique Sarup mission is to help women dare to create the life of their dreams. Monique assists her clients in realising their true potential through goal exploration and works with them in mapping out practical steps to reach targets. Supporting her clients every step of the way, Monique believes that no dream is insurmountable – it’s just about uncovering the right path to get there. She understands the pressures and challenges that face young people today and helps them ‘find their spot’ in life and the world.

Using leading-edge, self-development techniques and personalised coaching methods, Monique helps young people gain confidence, self-esteem, and life skills so that they can move forward in a direction that fulfils and motivates them. Monique empowers her clients to live life on their terms, providing them with the skills to manage and overcome hurdles as they arise.

Having commenced her own self-development journey at the age of eight, Monique understands the importance of young people understanding their minds, emotions, and unique purpose in life. Monique has ‘walked the talk’, and actions her own advice and mindset techniques in her day-to-day life.

Monique’s coaching sessions have often been described as both ‘fun’ and ‘life-changing’, and that’s exactly what she sets out to do — change lives, without compromising on the good stuff.

Husband Monique lives in Mount Macedon with her husband Sanjay and their baby daughter Zara. You can connect with Monique at