Myrna Manalili

These days, Myrna Brabante Manalili understands the importance of good health. However, this wasn’t always the case.

Spending most of her adult life in high pressure corporate roles, Myrna’s main goal was to be successful by working hard and providing a stable and secure income for her family. For a number of years, this worked well. That was until Myrna found herself struggling to keep her head above water amidst a series of changes to her workplace that coincided with her attaining mature worker status.

Struggling with severe anxiety, stress and other physical health conditions, Myrna found herself at a crossroads. She could stay at her job for a few more years until she reached aged pension age, or she could redirect her drive and determination into something that could promote her health and lifestyle goals. Risking it all, Myrna chose to leave her corporate gig and branch out into the health science space, promoting the basic concept of ‘Love Your Health’. Myrna believes that we can each take control of our health by gaining awareness around risk factors and making lifestyle changes.

Myrna’s experience gives her incredible insight into the various ways work-life balance (or a lack thereof) can impact our health. She understands the nuances within the corporate arena when it comes to mature workers, and how the ageing process is often misconstrued as being innately negative. Her positive outlook on life leaves Myrna with a valuable and relatable perspective on ageing gracefully and the benefits of good physical and mental health for older adults.

Myrna was born in the Philippines and moved with her family to Australia in the year 2000. She holds a bachelor degree in Science and Commerce – Accounting.

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