Natalie Stevens

Natalie Stevens is mother to four beautiful souls: Archie, George, Matilda and Jimmy, and wife to best friend, Sam. She is a bestselling author, speaker and founder of a remarkable business enterprise, Build In Oz. Natalie understands the reality of having a family and the frustration many families face when wanting to upgrade their home at a time when they can least afford it.

Having built a home, Natalie knew there was a way out for desperate families eager to have a better lifestyle at a price they could comfortably afford. Her philosophy is simple: ‘the happiest families are not the ones who have the best of everything, but they are the ones who make the best of everything they have’. Her bestselling book Building Home: The 5 Step Journey to Building Your Best Lifestyle is full of relevant, up-to-date and money-saving tips for the average family wanting to escape the burden of a limited lifestyle.

A passionate advocate for exposing the notoriously complicated property industry, Natalie’s down-to-earth advice is priceless. She lives in a magical place called Warrnambool that sits along the Shipwreck coast at the end of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Her home office is a testament to her world-view: it’s
perched up high looking as far as the eye can see. Greeted with four smiling faces and 180 degree sunrises every morning, Natalie knows what it is to feel blessed.

She is passionate about looking at the world differently, seeing things that not everybody sees and bringing alternative perspectives to seemingly ordinary ideas. Her purpose is to live a full and meaningful life every day.