Niro Thambipillay

How being broke made me financially stronger – The discovery of our natural magnificence
At 29, Niro Thambipillay was broke. He had $17 in the bank, a mountain of debt, no job and no income. Without his parents’ support, he would have been on the street. Within five years, however, Niro had turned his fortunes around; he had a $2.4 million property portfolio and a six-figure income, he’d married the girl of his dreams, and he was a father.

Niro often reflects on the fact that going broke was his greatest blessing. It is his belief that we are born into magnificence but that many of us choose mediocrity. Tough times are sometimes required to steer us towards success.

Niro is passionate about enabling people to transcend the challenges life throws at them in order to live the most fulfilling lives possible. He believes that every one of us has a purpose in life, and that it is his own personal mission to assist others in rediscovering their life’s purpose and fulfill their destiny.

His true gift is his ability to encourage people and organisations to understand that they need not be restricted by their current circumstances, or defined by their limitations. Rather, he teaches them to look upon adversity in a different way; to use experiences garnered under challenging circumstances to motivate them towards achieving what they want to achieve.

As a best-selling author and motivational speaker, Niro is an expert in altering ways of thinking in order to inspire growth and development for both individuals and organisations. He is oriented in part by his own experience working in sales, where, on the verge of being fired for poor performance, he was able to transform his output and become the top performing salesperson at his company. He even outsold by 300% the person who taught him the job.

Niro is committed to assisting people in transforming their lives and realising their potential. He believes strongly that success in life is not necessarily measured by material acquisitions, but by helping individuals realise their potential through the liberation of their talents. The greatest tragedy, according to Niro, is that so many people die with their dreams buried within them, and it is this that drives him in his work. He aims to help people to identify which aspects of their lives they are unhappy with and, through the application of his techniques, transform them into more fulfilled, wealthier, and happier individuals.