Olivia Glen

For as long as she can remember, Liv Glen has been fascinated with the magic of the kitchen, where she spends time developing and mastering her recipes. What began as an eagerness to be in the kitchen – even if it meant washing dishes – led to pursuing food technology and cake decorating courses at Strathcona Girls Grammar and a hospitality course at William Angliss Institute.

She believes that good health starts from within and as our bodies are the most precious things we own, fuelling ourselves with foods that nourish, grow and satisfy should be at the top of our list.

Being active is an inherent part of Liv’s lifestyle, and moving her body every day has helped her through some of the most challenging periods of her life. In 2016, she discovered reformer Pilates, and, as with any guilty-pleasure love story, she fell in love at first sight. Two years later, she turned her passion into a reality and began teaching reformer Pilates and coaching strength and conditioning. Instead of being at odds, Liv’s love for fitness and food have blended into a beautiful mess of recipes that she has spent hours poring over and perfecting.

Food is the fuel for our bodies. Beyond that, it is the spark for our creative energy. Liv truly believes that balance is a vital part of any lifestyle, especially for anyone who’s aiming to be healthier and live a more fulfilling life. This is the guiding principle she follows as she crafts her recipes, ensuring that what she eats is what her body needs, feeding her soul with happiness every day.

Liv sees food as the universal language of joy. To her, it presents such an intimate opportunity for family and friends to gather, giving us a delicious excuse to enjoy glasses of wine late into the night. Beyond that, food holds the innate power to transform our bodies from the inside out.

Beginning her culinary journey as a young girl, who was thrilled to be “Mum’s little helper” in the kitchen, and finally writing her own cookbook, Liv has come a long way.

What started as an eager admiration for her elegant, party-hosting mum – a vision in high heels but a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen – led to a passion that would fuel her life journey.

Liv loves creating and cooking recipes that feed people, their partners, their families and friends and leave the kids polishing off every last bite. She believes that whipping up balanced, crowd-pleasing dishes doesn’t have to be a battle in the kitchen, which is why she created her very own cookbook.

Liv is the author of Balance with Liv, which contains over 100 recipes, covering a range of meals for breakfast, refreshments, lunch and dinner, sides and salads, and sweets and treats. She loves seeing people turn her recipes into amazing meals and making them uniquely theirs.