Orion Kelly

Orion Kelly is proudly Autistic and dedicated to raising your level of understanding, acceptance and appreciation of Autistic people.

Orion lived undiagnosed for decades until after the birth of his first child. His adult diagnosis was a revelation and a turning point, illuminating the beauty of neurological differences that exist within human beings, as well as acknowledging the enormous struggles and challenges of trying to live life in a world designed for neurotypical people.

Today, Orion crusades tirelessly for better awareness, respect and opportunities for his Autistic son than he experienced at school and every neurotypical workplace he battled in. Using his passion for communication and content creation, Orion’s perceptive, often provoking insights as an Autistic person cut to the heart of humanity’s incapacity for tolerance and accepting differences.

Along with his Autistic advocacy, Orion is a consultant, keynote speaker, author, actor, host, YouTuber, podcaster and radio broadcaster based in Victoria, Australia. Orion hosts the podcast “My Friend Autism” and has his own Autistic-focused YouTube channel. Orion also hosts and produces podcasts for organisations and companies, MCs events and is available as a keynote speaker.

In a commercial radio career spanning over 25 years, Orion has worked ON AIR at 3GG and Star FM (Gippsland), KIIS 1011 / Mix (Melbourne), 92.9 (Perth), 2Day FM (Sydney), B104.9 / Star FM (Albury), 3NE / Edge FM (Wangaratta), 2LF (Young) and 4VL (Charleville).

Orion has also worked as a presenter for Seven (Perth), Fremantle Dockers Football Club (Perth), Southern Cross Ten (Gippsland) and Crown Casino (Melbourne). Orion studied acting at 16th Street Actors Studio (Melbourne) and has featured in short films along with some blink-or-you’ll-miss-it parts in various television series.