Paul Davis

Paul Davis is an accountant, award-winning speaker, author and successful business growth consultant. He is a loving husband and father of two beautiful children. Paul has written a plethora of books and published articles, among them EVOLVE: Look Within Yourself for Business Success and MORE: How You Can Get More Clients, More Fees and More Time. Though Paul’s success is sweet, it hasn’t always been an easy road. He suffered from mental health issues from the age often, battling depression and suicide ideation, he had to claw his way through many obstacles and self-navigate the treacherous terrain that mental health issues bring. He kept these inner demons a secret for a long 35 years! Despite the arduous journey, Paul managed to become a high-performer, build a successful business and create a loving family with his beautiful wife. He now shares with others all that he has learned.

Through his consultancy business Paul helps others initiate positive growth for their business and lives. He has a unique blend of interpersonal skills with commercially-minded results and experience; a fierce and practical combination. The most important things in Paul’s life are his family, good health, enjoying wonderful experiences, reducing the statistics of suicide and making a difference in the world.