Penelope Marshall

Penelope Marshall is an articulate, quirky and zestful woman who has a wealth of experience in both education and life. Penelope is an advocate for sharing stories, she believes the power of inspirational and encouraging stories help unite us as a whole and draw strength and understanding from each another. Penelope graduated from University at the ripe-young age of 60 with a Bachelor degree of Social Science with four majors in Mediation, Human Relations and Communications and Human Resource Development and a Diploma of Education specialising in Human Values.

Penelope’s continual passion for growth and learning also saw her complete a variety of courses in many areas, such as massage, bookkeeping, thought field therapy (tapping), theta healing and more. Despite her formal education Penelope believes that her true education came from the endless school of “life experiences”, where she developed a self-taught knowledge and a resilience that sustained her through many of life’s trials and tribulations.

Penelope’s vivacious character has seen her travel many countries, delve into many profound spiritual practices, learn about health and nutrition, social science and spend time volunteering in a wide range of services. Now nearly 70 and full of life, Penelope is still wondering what she’ll be when she grows up…of all the things she may be…boring certainly won’t be one of them.

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