Peter Higgs

What you are about to read is the story of Peter Higgs, a man who has endured his lifetime coping with both epilepsy and mental illness. His story is informative, inspiring and rich in spirit. Peter gives help and hope to so many that live the cruel fate, and consequences of, such debilitating conditions. His unyielding spirit, ingenuity, faith and meticulous approach to managing his illness ignited, what is now called – his ‘Redemptive Life Vision’.

Peter is a passionate educator on mental health topics; an advocate for self-belief and a talented public speaker. His story is not only about mental and physical health, it also imparts a deep wisdom and humanity that is rare in today’s world. To describe Peter’s path as going through hardship is simply a gross understatement. The challenge to be correctly diagnosed took many long years and took its toll on Peter and his family. His personal quest to get better and live well is a testament to his resilience. In fact resilience is only one of Peter’s many inspiring qualities.

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