Rob Scriven

Rob is a highly passionate coach and advocate for developing out-of-the-box thinking. He has spent many years leading people in the business sector, developing strategic processes to maximise efficiency and manage projects. His niche is in transforming organisations from good to great. Having completed his Bachelor Degree in Psychology at Auckland University, and with his combined experience in the workforce, Rob uses his psychology background and practical skills to help others achieve their dreams. Rob was in a comfortable position in life, with a wonderful job, a loving wife and two healthy sons. He was deeply grateful for this, but he sensed something wasn’t quite right.

He instinctively knew he hadn’t tapped into his full potential. One Saturday afternoon, Rob had a life-changing moment. He realised that even though he taught people to think differently, the only person not doing so was him. This realisation was the catalyst for some significant, self-enlightenment and honest ‘staring in the mirror looking at the wrinkles’ moments. Rob realised that the only person holding him back was the same person who could move him forward. He took action that very day, deciding to cease looking back and to actively drive his future.

Rob’s passion and coaching direction is to empower people from all walks of life to gain self- insight and to be able to achieve their dreams once and for all. Rob equips them with the tools they need to not only achieve their dreams, but also to exceed them. “It takes great commitment to follow your dreams and not to be bound by your fears,” Rob says, “but the biggest hurdle is yourself. Once you allow yourself to release the things that hold you back, you will find that the impossible is very achievable.” Rob’s heartfelt determination is to assist people to grow and develop.

He speaks directly to people’s souls so they can release the shackles holding them back. Rob believes that every one of us has the potential to be much more than we believe, if we allow ourselves the freedom to dream. Proud dad and loving husband, Rob lives for his family and is driven by the desire to give them the ability to shape their own future. This is achieved by opening young minds to the many opportunities to creating lasting wealth by dreaming big and thinking differently. When you change your mindset and allow yourself to absorb the positivity around you, you give yourself permission to take action and receive wealth, health and happiness. Rob is committed to helping individuals and families realise their potential, dream big, and become the best people that they can be.