Ross Mckenzie

Tips of the Trade, my passion became my profession.
After losing his wife, Meyance to Ovarian cancer Ross came to some conclusions about his life and the best way to live it. Being over 65 years of age narrowed his options but certainly not his mind. Ross decided to use his brain like never before and make lots of money for those less fortunate.

Ross navigated the often complex path of stock market trading. He surrounded himself with good advice and mentors and learned the best strategies and applications for success. He is passionate about giving back and creating lasting solutions, his long-term goal is to become a philanthropist. He once received some advice about never setting limiting goals, but instead take the leash off them at be unlimited; this is certainly what Ross does. He trades smartly but holds an unlimited mindset.

Ross enjoys being a continual learner of the stock market and loves to travel.