Russell Bryne

Russell Byrne is a husband, father, entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of the multi award-winning non-profit group; Education Consortium (EC) and The THRIVE Foundation (THRIVE). EC exists to upgrade education levels and consequent skills for children in need. It provides creative, inspirational and empowering educational solutions for each individual child during their learning journey. THRIVE was conceived to support disenfranchised and impoverished women and children who do not have a voice through scholarships and pedagogical resources.

With over 27 years of experience gained from the education, retail and financial services sectors, Russell has served as a trusted C-level executive, management consultant, educator and a ‘change agent’. He is a FELLOW with the world’s leading professional management bodies and a recognised scholarly professional on a heuristic, lifelong journey of discovery.

Russell’s purpose is to help improve and upgrade the standards of education within impoverished regions to ensure that graduates will be on a par with international students around the world seeking job opportunities. His passion is to help create more ‘superheroes’ (leaders) that work together to create good and invaluable products and services that will stand the test of time.

His hobbies include researching emerging technologies, digital ecosystems, and participating in volunteering, youth-driven entrepreneurial and social business enterprises, in-line skating, hiking, canoeing, mixed martial arts (MMA), basketball, soccer and Australian rules football.